Labour Minister Kelly claims Protesters Make 'No Contribution to Society'


Minister for the Environment, and 2nd in command of the Labour Party, Alan Kelly has dared to denounce protesters as not contributing to society, despite his own status as grand leech.

Without a hint of irony the minister accused some in Sinn Fein and 'the hard left' of being jobless and not making a contribution to society despite being politically active.

Though Kelly is virtuous enough to have a job - because remember, you're a bad person if you don't have one - he and his party's contribution to society is much like a bullet's contribution to the healing process, despite the fact that he is very politically active.

Although Kelly was keen to point out that these comments were totally unrelated to the campaign against the water charges, we all know they are part of a long line of government smears designed to rip apart our movement.

Indeed many of us wait with hands to our ears for the next damning fiction to slop out of a Labour or Fine Gael politician's mouth. What will it be next time? We're already dole scrounging terrorists, how much further can they push it?


Of course the further irony is that these words come from a Labour TD. Since they have become Fine Gael Lite they must lash out at those who actually espouse social democracy, or, heaven forbid, socialism.

Because they obviously can't pretend to stand for the working class they must resort to standing for 'stability', 'law and order', and 'pragmatism' against chaos, the mob, and utopian ideas. But this is a universal trajectory for Labour parties across the globe.

A party founded as a parliamentary wing of the labour movement is presiding over jailings of working class protesters against the commodification of water and an austerity charge imposed to pay for a private banking debt. Being 'sensible' and 'realistic' is more important to them than the rocketing suicide rate, mass emigration, hospital bed crisis, homelessness, child poverty, and more.

But at least they can fall back on their liberalism. Except only recently they cynically voted against Clare Daly's Fatal Foetal Abnormalities Bill.

Any person without a job who has resisted Irish Water, stopped meters going in, demonstrated, picketed, door knocked, organised a meeting, has contributed far more to society than Kelly and his ilk. If only we could all be pillars of society and hire ScamBridge workers for a pittance. Unfortunately most of us can merely fight for a better world.