Lagan Brick workers take campaign to Belfast in occupation


Lagan Brick workers from Cavan stepped up their campaign over the Lagan Group’s failure to pay established redundancy terms by occupying their headquarters at Lagan house on the 4th April. More than 35 Lagan Brick workers and their supporters entered the company’s offices at Lagan House, Clarendon Road following a refusal by the company to accept a letter requesting its participation in negotiations.  Workers at the Lagan Brick manufacturing plant in Kingscourt were informed it was closing only hours before it ceased operation on Friday, 15th December.

The peaceful occupation of the entrance area of the office building ended after approximately 20 minutes when company representatives agreed to accept the letter outlining the workers’ demand for immediate negotiations. The letter was handed over by a four-person delegation which included workers and SIPTU Organiser, John Regan.

 “The workers have been in dispute with the company for more than 100 days. They believe a just settlement is possible but have met with a complete refusal by the company’s owners to enter a meaningful negotiations process,” said John Regan.

 “The workers believe they had no option but to bring their protest from county Cavan to the headquarters of the Lagan Group in Belfast. The owners of this company are among the richest people in Ireland and must accept their obligation to honour long established redundancy terms for these workers.”

While our bosses are intent on using this crisis to cut back wages, conditions and long-standing collective agreements in the workplaces, we too must be equally steadfast in our opposition and resistance to this intensification in the class war. By taking direct action whether it be the Game workers or Vita Cortex occupation we are providing a glimpse of what is possible if we unite based on solidarity and collective action.