What Sort of Ireland Do We Want? debate between WSM, ISN, eirigi

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At the second Anarchist bookfair, Saturday 3rd March 2007, speakers from Workers Solidarity Movement, Irish Socialist Network and Eirigi discussed the question 'What Sort of Ireland Do We Want?'. These are the audio files of this debate.Three talks are mp3 files, around 4mb each. Each talk is 15-20 minutes long.

Oisin from the WSM at

Daitihi from eirigi

Dan from ISN

After these talks there was an hour of debate available as two additional files

Audio of the first 30 or so minutes of discussion from the floor. It's 5.4mb

The rest of the discussion and the speakers coming back at the end. Around 30 minutes and 5.9 mb

What sort of Ireland do we want - Oisin for WSM - mp33.84 MB
What sort of Ireland do we want - Daithi for eirigi - mp33.72 MB
What sort of Ireland do we want - Dan for isn - mp34.58 MB
What sort of Ireland do we want - discussion part 1 1 - mp35.69 MB
What sort of Ireland do we want - discussion part 2 & 2comeback - mp36.97 MB

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