Lessons from the Barricade Inn squatted social centre - audio discussion

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The Barricade Inn was a squatted social centre in the centre of Dublin.  During the peak of its activity over the summer of 2015 hundreds of people were involved in putting on events in the space that thousands of people attended.  In this audio we talk to three WSM members who were involved in opening up and running The Barricade about what happened there and what lessons they drew from the experience. 

Links to the materials mentioned in the audio
The Barricade - http://www.wsm.ie/barricade-inn
Seomra Spraoi - http://www.wsm.ie/seomra
The Bolt - http://www.wsm.ie/bolt
Grangegorman - http://www.wsm.ie/grangegorman
Prison - http://www.wsm.ie/c/abandoned-dublin-prison-occupied-squatters-halston
Apollo House - http://www.wsm.ie/apollo-house

More articles on squatting http://www.wsm.ie/squat

Audio - Lessons of the Barricade Inn