Dublin May Day - A Call to March with the Anti-Authoritarian block


The WSM are calling for people to march with us on an anti-authoritarian block for this year’s May Day march which is happening on the day itself, Tuesday 1st May, assembling in Parnell Square from 18.30hrs.

The Dublin Council of Trade Unions are the organisers of this event, and this year the theme is the anti-household tax, which has seen the start of a movement against the presiding wisdom of the 1% and the government for stringent austerity. People have seized onto the idea that it is not alright for us to continue to pick up the tab for the bosses, the developers, the banks, and the rich.

As anarchists we see change coming through class struggle. We don’t see change coming through the ballot box which has recently proven that the colours that make up the government may change, but the right wing policies which hurt the working people remain. Just as the program of austerity will remain no matter what you vote in this fiscal compact referendum. You cannot vote out austerity just as you cannot change the policies pursued by government – but you can defeat them through struggle.

This year we expecting that more people will turn out to support May Day as there is the anti-household tax campaign showing that people are organising themselves for a struggle against their rulers.

May Day is an important day as it grew from a workers struggle and anarchists were integral to that struggle for a 8 hour day, back in Chicago in 1886. Four of the anarchists were executed, one more taking his own life on the eve of his execution, and more spent six years in prison. So every year the WSM participates in this march and for many of the more recent years it has been a small affair with people feeling obliged to show up to it. The winds of change are blowing, and this year we hope to be able to infuse some vitality into the march via the anti-authoritarian block. As anarchists we see change coming via struggle and the birth of social movements. But social movements have to be democratic and anti-authoritarian in order to be a forerunner to the type of society we wish to create.

What we may be seeing with this campaign against another stealth tax is the start of that movement. That’s why it is important for people to be active in the anti-household tax campaign in your area. If you are, we hope that your local campaign group comes along to the May Day March this year and march with everyone on International Worker’s Day.

But if your group is not there then we ask you to come along and mark this day by marching with us. Anarchists are involved in the anti-household tax campaign, amongst other campaigns, as we seek to be the midwives to the class struggle which will bring about real change in this society, changes for the working people, change which gives true meaning to the words equality, fraternity, and freedom. We cannot be lead to this Promised Land by leaders, we cannot wish this Promised Land into existence, we cannot vote for this Promised Land, but we can get there by our strength in numbers and via a social movement that will push in this direction.

May Day workers day, it is TIME to make the bosses pay.

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