A migrant reports on Mayday in Sydney


A few thousand took part in the annual mayday parade in Sydney this year with organisers claiming it was the largest in years.  This years event theme was a 'a proud past, a fighting future' which certainly matched the range of trade union banners on display and political groups of all shades including the James Connolly Society involving recent Irish migrants.

The march and rally through the streets of Sydney city centre included anarchists marching under the banner of the Jura Books collective and Industrial Workers of the World as well as our very own unofficial red and black band.

Following the speeches from a range of trade unions speaking about their struggles and experiences to date, the union choir took to the stage singing the 'Internationale' and 'solidarity forever.'

While Australia has to some extent escaped the worse of the worldwide depression elsewhere due to to a boom in its resource sector and reliance with China, the future remains uncertain. Despite the glossy tourist brochures and nice beaches you dont need to scratch be beneath the surface to find a country based on the colonial dispossession and institutionalised racism and discrimination towards its original inhabitants. It also has one of the worst income inequality gaps and poverty levels in the industrialised world as successive governments continue to impose austerity in one form or the other.

The answer is to get organised in your workplace and community to not only resist any attacks but to organise for a better world in the interests of the majority.

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Singing of the International

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