Moldavian Anarchists Allowed to Leave after Intense Repression

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Over the last few years Workers Solidarity has responded to appeals launched on behalf of two Moldavian [1] anarcho-syndicalists, Igor and Tamara. They had come under severe state repression, first from the Stalinist regime and then from the 'new' nationalist one. This included frequent raids by the secret police, physical assaults, threats and the killing of the family dog. Political activity in such circumstances was impossible and there was a real danger that either or both of them would be killed.

We were pleased to hear that they had been granted exit visas and had arrived in Germany in late July of this year. They are being helped to construct a new life by the German anarchist group FAU (a section of the IWA, anarcho-syndicalist international).

This provides a good example of how international support even where it is limited to letter writing and embassy pickets can get results. Anarchist organisations around the world took part in this activity. On getting their visa, the Moldavian anarchists were told they were lucky that they had so many international friends.

Originally published in Workers Solidarity 44, 1995

[1] 2017 editor's note, the country of Moldavia no longer exists.