NEFAC web site - review


The NEFAC web page is to be found at This would be my first and only major problem - well niggle really. Basically its not the most obvious or intuitive address. On the other hand it's the first thing that comes up when you put "North East Federation of Anarchist Communists" into google. (They are located in the US and Canada).

This quibble aside the site looks nice with a good overall presentation with no dumb ass flash or java scripts to annoy you and your browser. The layout is simple and graphically very easy on the eye with a nice red and black colour scheme that doesn't look annoying (believe me this can be hard to do !). The layout is somewhat similar to the approach of most Indymedia type sites with coloured bars to break up the text and the home page is covered with the latest news and articles. It boasts an excellent search engine conveniently located on the side bar. A search for Workers Solidarity bought up hundreds of hits including audio and video. They also have a button to churn out a printable version of any page which is always very, very handy! A small set of links at the top left guides you through NEFAC's pages.

There is quite a bit of information on the Federation. There were some excellent articles from their theoretical paper. I'm not sure if they have the entire magazine up in pdf format yet, but there are hundreds of articles from it accessible through the search engine. Overall, an excellent, well laid out, up to date site from NEFAC and a fine addition to anarchism on the "inter-web".

This page is from the print version of the Irish Anarchist paper 'Workers Solidarity'.

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This edition is No77 published in September 2003