Northern Ireland's sectarian violence


Following on from this weeks July 12th rioting across the North and report from a WSM member present during the disturbances in Ardoyne, Guardian presenters Hugh Muir and Peter Sale have produced an excellent podcast reviewing the roots of the latest trouble. The podcast interviews convicted members of 'dissident republican' organisations and examines the socio/economic and political context of the latest sectarian violence. The podcast concludes that the violence remains within the fringes of the working-class, but is dangerous nevertheless.

"For this week's Focus podcast, the Guardian's Ireland correspondent Henry McDonald talks to Hugh Muir about the root of this violence and asks if a new generation of young Irish nationalists are becoming radicalised.

We'll hear from some nationalists who still believe in armed struggle, such as members of the Continuity IRA. We also hear from Kate Carroll, whose policeman husband Stephen was murdered by dissident republicans in 2009."


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