Occupy Belfast host performance poet Catherine Brogan


Political poet Catherine Brogan returned home last Friday night to a successful event hosted by Occupy Belfast. Local poets, artists and singers performed at the free event in the ‘people bank’ to a receptive and enthusiastic audience eager to listen to poetry with a political message.

Catherine who is originally from Omagh is described by Paul Burston from Timeout as ’witty, wise and a great entertainer….her poetry makes the personal political & and the political personal,’ is nowbased in London where she has been involved with the Occupy camp at St. Paul’s. She has been involved with the media working group at Occupy London and has been interviewed by many outlets including BBC News, ITV Daybreak, BBC The Big Questions.

As part of her tour in Ireland, Catherine performed in her native Omagh on Saturday before finishing off tomorrow night at Occupy Dublin and is not be missed.

You can see her winning performance at the BBC Edinburgh Fringe poetry Slam from this link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yBKrGJ1Pb44

Meanwhile Occupy Belfast continues to develop and prepare ‘the peoples bank’ for an official opening and you can stay up to date with Occupy Belfast from its face book and twitter page. A library has now been set up and teach ins continue.

Occupy Belfast also took part in the international day of action against the ACTA law which will give further powers to the few at the expense of the many and is part of the same struggle for a better world. Up to 50 people took part in the rally and march to the city hall and local EU offices despite an increased level in police harassment and intimidation.