Occupy Belfast hold its first public meeting in the 'Peoples Bank'


Occupy Belfast held its first public meeting in the occupied building on Saturday explaining why it decided to take the building and outlining future plans for the self-managed space. Around 20 people listened to two speakers from Occupy who provided an up-to date account of work underway including the building of a stage, meeting space and a library.

Since the occupation over two months ago a small group of activists including homeless people who are living in the building have worked tirelessly to prepare and renovate the space including painting and decorating, all this despite attempts by the political class and sections of media to criminalise the occupation. Plans for the building include a space for art and community groups for events and gigs.

By taking over this empty building, gradually building a social centre and encouraging others to take similar action in their communities, we have made the first step in a long political journey providing a small glimpse of our potential power, if we take direct action where we live and work around concrete issues, linking with workplace occupations to house evictions and beyond.

Last Thursday the movement also agreed to divide the movement between those who are interested in the building a viable social centre and Occupy Belfast. The ‘Peoples Bank’ meetings will now take place every Thursday at 7pm. We are calling on anyone with ideas, skills and experiences to come along and get involved.