Occupy Cork Marches Against Austerity


Occupy Cork staged a "Parade of Defiance" against the austerity programme of the government on Saturday December 3rd in Cork. Cork Community artlink provided many props and floats for the march , a samba band gave the march an noisy and energetic flavour beyond the usual sloganeering. 

The march attracted a crowd of just around 400 at the start on Emmet place but as we proceeded along Patricks street the citys main thouroughfare our ranks were swelled as people joined in. A counter on South Mall put the numbers at 700 or so.  This is note worthy as marches usually don't gain quite so much momentum. 

The mood on the march was upbeat though the theme very serious of course. All the partys of the left were represent, as was the WSM, only one union banner was present however, the Independent Workers Union, despite the efforts of the Cork Occupy camp who had contacted every union in Cork to urge them to attend. 

The marchers were positively received on the streets of Cork and literature from any and all hands snapped up.  So though not a huge march it was a positive event none the less.  Transforming marchers into organisers is the key however. On that score I have to say the crowd was definitely younger than usual and though all the familiar faces were there the was certainly a new layer largely drawn in by Occupy.