Old Media In the Age of The Internet - Why Bother With Radical and Underground Publishing - Video & audio


This session of the 2012 Dublin Anarchist Bookfair looked at the value of paper and ink when the net is usually declared the real frontier. We asked our panel to track some of the connections between todays underground radical press, and what went before.

Do these organs represent something of a collective organiser, agitator and voice for our movements or are we simply shouting slogans at the bewildered to keep ourselves busy? Where are the similarities in our projects and where are the fundamental differences? How do we judge our successes and more importantly what blinds us to our failures? Should we be building consciousness, communities or organisations?

The session was hosted by Ciaran Moore of Dublin Community Televison. The panel featured banter from people involved in Look Left, RAG, rabble, Liberty Paper and Workers Solidarity/ Irish Anarchist Review.


 Video of this sesson is on youtube if you want to rate it or leave comments