Police are part of the problem rather than the solution


The PSNI new strategy of 'pizza n peelers' covered in a recent edition of the Andersonstown News, is a cynical and laughable stunt to win over young people and highlights how much they are out of touch in our communities. Despite the cosmetic changes and a propaganda blitz waged by the media and Sinn Fein apologists, the continuity RUC/ PSNI like any police force is political, to defend the power and wealth of the ruling class. Quite simply it is the state’s physical and intimidatory means of maintaining a desired status quo in society; one of socio-economic divisions and inequalities.

The evolution of policing structures and transformation of Sinn Fein from poachers to gamekeepers of the status-quo has provided an illusion of state ‘transparency’ and ‘accountability’ and the green light to isolate and criminalise any ‘dissenters’. DPP's are a ‘talking shop’ with no legislative authority and designed to gloss over the inherent irreconcilable cracks and contradictions in the system. Rather than real ownership and empowerment, input by local residents in DPPs is limited to asking questions as a spectator, reinforcing our sense of dependency and powerlessness.

A stronger, more militant and confident working class will be able to and must, take on responsibility for tackling anti-social crime in its own communities as part of wider independent movement fighting for a better society because the police are part of the problem. No amount of token reforms, ‘sexy’ makeover, and government from Dublin, Stormont or London can disguise its fundamental role as the armed wing of the state.'

The letter above appeared in this weeks edition of the Andersonstown News in its letter's page in response to a 'pizza n peelers' publicity stunt by the PSNI in West Belfast. It was written by a Belfast WSM member in a personal capacity.