Police murder of anarchist Salvador Oleos Garcia


The province of Oaxaca in Mexico has seen a massive revolt led by the teachers union in recent weeks. In the course of the repression of the protests police have already killed 12 people, overnight we have heard that they have killed another, the anarchist Salvador Oleos Garcia.

He has been described as journalist, community activist, defender of the lands, singer and pioneer of the anarcho-punk movement in Huajuapan. Reports indicate that after a police tip off he was found at the road side with injuries to the limbs, head and torso, he later died in hospital.

The community radio stations where he worked later broadcast that he had been detained by police and then ran over with a police car.

They said Salvador Oleos Garcia was a "supporter of the movement of teachers, had spent 15 years fighting for the defense of the land and the indigenous Mixtec communities, against the exploitation of natural resources and foreign mining concessions.

If you understand Spanish you can read more, including many comments from his friends at https://www.facebook.com/AgenciaIgavec/photos/a.1582012858734432.1073741830.1582012805401104/1726242874311429/