Appendix - Policing Ireland: some useful resources


This list is intentionally ‘partitionist’ in that it deals only with police in the “26 counties” as providing material on policing in the “6 counties” would easily treble the length of the guide.

Allen, Gregory (1999) The garda siochana: policing independent Ireland 1922-1982. Dublin: Gill and Macmillan. 306p. (Written by an ex-member, and with every sign of it)

Amnesty International (1977) Report of an Amnesty International mission to the Republic of Ireland in June 1977. London: Amnesty International. (Investigation of ‘heavy gang’) (Unseen)

Brady, Conor (1974) Guardians of the peace. Dublin: Gill and Macmillan. xvi,254p. (Enlightening book, mainly dealing with gardai from 1922-1945, with a short and general epilogue tacked on to bring the story up to Sunningdale.)

Breathnach, Seamus (1974). The Irish police from earliest times to the present day. Dublin: Anvil Books. 230p. (Enjoyable account: pp.116-193 deals with the Gardai)

Brewer, John D. et al. (1988) The police, public order and the state. Basingstoke: Macmillan. (pp.85-107 is a good, brief and critical academic article, noting special powers, garda accountability, scandals, etc.)

Browne, Vincent and Dunne, Derek (1983) The seeds of a police state. Magill 6(12): 25-39, September 1983. (Nicky Kelly case)

Caldwell, June (2004) May Day. Garda Review May 2004: 31-35.

Carthy, Marie (2007) In search of John: the Abbeylara story of depression, loss and a family’s quest for justice. Dublin: Hodder Headline Ireland. 249p.

Connolly, Johnny (1997). Beyond the politics of law and order: community policing in Ireland. Belfast: Centre for Research and Documentation. (History of community ‘self-policing’).

Cunningham, Gerard (2009) Chaos and conspiracy: the framing of the McBrearty family. Dublin: Gill and Macmillan. 373p.

Davis, Fergal F. (2007) The history and development of the Special Criminal Court  1921-2005. Dublin: Four Courts Press.

Dublin Grassroots Network (2004) Fortress Dublin? The criminalisation of protest and the demonisation of dissent.

Dunne, Derek and Kerrigan, Gene (1984) Round up the usual suspects: Nicky Kelly and the Cosgrave coalition. Dublin: Magill. 272pp.

Global Community Monitor (2007) Public meeting held at Glenamoy Community Hall, County Mayo. Testimony given by concerned citizens to international delegation of environmentalists and human rights specialists. Monday, 26 February 2007. 80pp.

Global Community Monitor (2007) Report of an international fact finding delegation to County Mayo, Ireland February 23-27, 2007 7pp.

Hayes, Joanna (1985) My story. Dingle: Brandon Press. 192pp. (Kerry babies case).

Hennelly, Regina (2007) Abbeylara: the tragic shooting of John Carthy. Dublin: O’Brien Press. 287p.

Inglis, Tom (2003). Truth, power and lies: Irish society and the case of the Kerry babies. Dublin: UCD Press. 288p.

Ireland: Department of Justice (1968) Death of Liam O’Mahony: report of tribunal appointed by Minister for Justice on July 19th, 1967.  Ireland: Stationery Office. 48pp.

Ireland (1977) Report of the committee to recommend certain safeguards for persons in custody and for members of the garda siochana. Chairman Barra O’Briain. Dublin: Stationery Office  30pp.

Irish Council for Civil Liberties (1993) Police interrogation endangers the innocent. Dublin: ICCL. 63pp.

Kerrigan, Gene (1984) In the custody of the state. Magill 7(8): 29-33, March 1984. (Deaths in custody: one every three months).

Kerrigan, Gene (1985) The Kerry babies. Magill 8(14): 16-51, May 30, 1985.

Kerrigan, Gene (1985) The Kerry babies case: an analysis of Mr Justice Lynch’s report. Magill 9(2): 16-34, November 1985.

Kerrigan, Gene (2005) Hard cases. Dublin: Gill and Macmillan.

Kerrigan, Gene and Brennan, Pat (1999) This great little nation: the A-Z of Irish scandals & controversies. Dublin: Gill & Macmillan. 316p. (Great little book: see under Dowra; Dromad; Garda conduct: Cork; Heavy gang; Kelly, Nicky; Kerry babies; Lyons, Dean; O’Brien, Conor Cruise; Urlingford sting).

Kerrigan, Gene and Shaw, Helen (1985) “Crime hysteria: vested interests have turned a manufactured problem into a crisis.” Magill 8(11): 10-21, April 18, 1985.

Lyder, Andre. (2005) Pushers out: the inside story of Dublin’s anti-drugs movement. Trafford Publishing. (for garda response to community organising)

McBride, Sean (ed) (1982). Crime and punishment. Dublin: Ward River Press. 184pp.

McCafferty, Nell (1985) A woman to blame: the Kerry babies case. Dublin: Attic Press, 176pp.

McCarthy, Des (2008) “No justice, just us”: interview with Larry Wheelock. Red and Black Revolution 14: 3-7.

McGarry, Patsy (2006)  While justice slept: the true story of Nicky Kelly and the Sallins train robbery. Dublin: Liffey Press. 250pp.

McGlinchey, Karen (2005) Charades: Adrienne McGlinchey and the Donegal gardai. Dublin: Gill and Macmillan. 272pp.

McNiffe, Liam (1997) A history of the garda siochana: a social history of the force 1922-1952 with an overview for the years 1952-1997. Dublin: Wolfhound Press. 300p.

Mulcahy, Aogan and O’Mahony, Eoin (2005) Policing and social marginalisation in Ireland. Dublin: Combat Poverty Agency. SocialMarginalisation.pdf accessed 23/8/09

Munnelly, Brendan (1987) Who’s bugging you? Cork: Mercier Press. 90p.

Nugent, Brian (2008) Orwellian Ireland.

Robinson, Mary (1974) The Special Criminal Court. Dublin: Dublin University Press. 48pp.

Scully, John (1994) A shattered dream. Dublin: Scully Publications. 144pp. (Personal account by emigrants who returned to open a shop in Summerhill, Dublin of harassment by locals and gardai).

Walsh, Dermot P. J. (2009) “Twenty years of handling police complaints in Ireland: a critical assessment of the supervisory board model”. Legal Studies 29(2): 305-337. (Looks at failure of supervisory board model, as well as garda and government contributions to this failure).

Ward, N (2006) “Reclaiming the streets”. Garda Review November 2006:4-13. (Corrib).

WORDS: Garda Research Institute

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