Pope to visit Ireland as part of drive to shame women ahead of referendum


In case you missed it, the pope is set to visit Ireland in 2018. Archbishop Eamon Martin has said that this visit will be used to campaign against abortion, and that the church will run a much stronger campaign against it than what they did on marriage equality.

When the pope came to power in 2013 he was hailed and celebrated by liberals as some sort of radical who was single handedly going to bring the church into the 21st century. With statements such as the now famous "who am I to judge?" in regards to LGBT+ people you could almost have been fooled that the liberals were right.

The truth is, the image of this seemingly progressive pope is a farce, manufactured by the increasingly obsolete church to try to keep themselves relevant.

When push comes to shove their old bigotry shines through all the facades, branding trans folk as an "annihilation of man", and the supposedly non-judgemental pontiff maintaining that queers should receive "assistance" to bring them back to "normality" i.e. conversion therapy.

True to form of this pope's amazing ability not to judge, he'll come to Ireland to try to shame women who have had abortions and to try serve up a platter of good old fashioned catholic guilt.

The days of celibate cis men having any kind of authority over what women do with their bodies are long gone. Let's send those who still believe they can have any say over our bodies packing.