Protest the Labour Party's vicious policies in Galway this Saturday!


The Campaign against Household and Water Taxes has organised a march and rally to protest the Labour Party's national convention in Galway this coming Saturday.  Assembling in Eyre Square at 1pm, the march will proceed to the NUIG campus where the Labour Party will be busy planning how they proceed with selling out what little remains of their principles. 

Elected over a year ago on the promise of burning bond holders and bringing an end to years of austerity, Labour have done as politicians tend to do and completely backtracked on their pre-election promises of no longer making the working class pay for a crisis which is not of their making.

The last year has exposed the Labour Party/Fine Gael coalition as having only the interests of the ruling elite and the troika at heart.  Despite their earlier rhetoric, Labour are now clearly enemies of the working class.  Join the CAHWT and WSM members this Saturday in a show of strength where we let our rulers know just what we think of their lies, deceit and betrayal. 

Assemble Eyre Square, 1pm to march to NUIG.