Racism and Immigrant Workers


In 1984, 11 workers in Dunnes Stores, Henry Street, went on strike as they refused to handle goods produced by the racist South African Apartheid Regime. The ten women and ond man stayed out for over 2 and a half years, and their courage inspired many people around the world.Today, many immigrants live in the North Inner City and some people have started blaming them for the social problems of the area.

Like the Dunnes Stores strikers, we believe that we should unite with other workers, regardless of their colour, creed or origin to fight against our rulers, the bosses who don’t give a damn about the working class. We don’t want to fight among ourselves for the crumbs from their table - we want the whole cake!

The Anarchist Book Fair will see stalls from Residents Against Racism and Anti-Fascist Action. There will be a meeting of Polish Anarchists in Ireland at 1.30pm and a meeting about The Rise of the Left in South America, at 2.45pm.

This article is from the North-City Anarchist, March 2007

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