"How I came to be involved in struggle" - Radio Solidarity Prog. 6

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Radio Solidarity - Prog. 6 - "How I came to be involved" is now available to listen to on the Near FM podcast site.

In this show, we at Radio Solidarity went out and spoke to people who are actively engaged in struggle and have a definitive idea of how to change the world for the better.

We ask people what got them involved, what struggle drew them to take action, what keeps them involved, and what’s inspired them.

A new world will be created by people like them, people like us.

We spoke to the following people

  • Alan - Trade Union & Community Struggles who got involved in the early 1970's.
  • Ariel - Is an Argentian who came to Ireland and she's been involved in Queer and Feminist politics.
  • Seoidín - who grew up in apartheid South Africa and went on to set up Community Gardens in Dublin

    • Panel Discussion features   our own Mark who got invovled via 'Reclaim the Streets protests, Jonah who is a former Union orgnaiser from the USA, Aileen whose been involved in many struggles including the 'X' Case from 1992, Caoimhe who came into politics via college and fighting the introduction of fees,  and now campaigns in Dublin Shell to Sea, Paul who came into anarchist politics via Hunt Sabbing and was an organiser for anti Poll Tax campaign which culminated back in the 1990.

 The Show can now be listened to here.