Rojava: ISIS Almost Driven Out of Kobane


Very positive news coming out of Kobane where as these maps, from different sources, show ISIS have almost been driven out of the city.

Overnight the YPG/J announced they had liberated Suk Al-Hal & the Industrial Zone on the eastern and north-eastern edges of the city. Earlier in the week. There are also rumours of clashes in Helince village south east of the city. If ISIS lose that local commentators say their remaining forces in Kobane will be entirely cut off from supply.

When ISIS reached Kobane about 130 days ago, equipped with US armour captured at Mosul, they appeared unstoppable. The Kurdish defenders were pushed into a small defensive zone in the north west of the city but Kobane became ISIS's Stalingrad. Unable to admit defeat they kept pouring men & equipment into the city, at one stage managing to even mount a suicide VIBED attack at the Turkish border. Now not only have they almost been driven out of Kobane but they are being driven back by Kurdish forces elsewhere.


The defence of Kobane forced many internationally to start paying attention to the Rojava revolution that is happening place in the three Kurdish cantons of Northern Syria. This revolution aims to create a "democratic, ecological, gender liberated society" involving a system of neighbourhood councils that draws delegates from all the ethnic groups found in the region. As such it offers a profoundly different model to both ISIS and the various US backed states in the region.

You can read more about that, including many eyewitness testimonies.