Snoopers charter becomes the law in the UK


The nation state backed capitalist system can only offer us increasing surveillance, increasing poverty, increasing social problems and the rise of the national security state which is necessary to protect the tiny minority of people who have stolen so much of the worlds wealth from the rest of us, who generate it.

When you look at the worlds problems, do you have any faith in existing political and economic structures like nation states, governments and capitalism's ability to alleviate or solve those problems? Can you envision a society under the current system that will ensure that no one is homeless, or without medical care? We know that the existing system serves to increase our problems, not decrease them.

The only way that we can all live freely and comfortably is in a libertarian communist society, where all resources are held in common and all production is geared towards satisfying the needs of every human being so that no one lives in want. In such a truly democratic society, there would be no such unaccountable secret organisations spying on every detail of everyone's lives in order to attempt to undermine political movements struggling for a more equitable social order.

The intelligence agencies serve to undermine working class self organisation in order to protect the state and the interests of the capitalist class. Those agencies are the enemy of democracy and ultimately will be disarmed and dismantled. If they are not destroyed, George Orwell's 1984 will pale in comparison to the kind of monstrous autocratic society that will be built by our rulers.

Every action that increases the power of the working class and aims for a better world makes that national security state less secure in it's control over us. Let's keep organising, keep learning and always bear in mind the big picture.