Social Struggles in Sweden today - guest speaker in Solidarity Books with Cork WSM, Monday July 8th, 8pm


This Monday, Workers Solidarity Movement Cork will be joined by Petter, an anarchist from Gothenburg, and member of the Swedish Anarcho-Syndicalist union, Sveriges Arbitares Centralorganisation (the "SAC") with experience in a range of different types of social struggles, within but mostly outside of the union.

He will give a talk looking at struggles in Sweden, with a specific look at workplace and housing struggles in Gothenburg, drawing from first-hand experience, and also touching on the recent riots and unrest among migrant youth in the suburbs of Stockholm and elsewhere.
In connection with this, he will also look at the 'Pantrarna' (The Panthers) - a group with many connections to the Black Panthers - as a more organised response to the same repression faced by this marginalised section of Swedish society.
The context to all of this is the breakdown of the great social compromise of Social Democracy in line with wider trends towards a more market-oriented model of organising society. Petter will also look at the historical emergence and decline of the Social Democratic model in Sweden.
Here's a link to a blog piece by Petter in English, giving a sample of what he will discuss:
The talk will take place at 8pm in Solidarity Books, 43 Douglas St. and will be followed by an open discussion on these issues.
We welcome anyone interested to come along, sit in and take part.


Tea, coffee and whatever bargain Spar biscuits are doing the rounds this week will be served on the night...