All the speeches on video from March for Choice 2016


The speeches given before and after March for Choice 2016 provided a broad introduction, through the personal stories of the speakers, to the complex intersecting oppressions imposed by the 8th Amendment on women along with some trans-men and non binary people in Ireland. An oppression that doubles up on those who are also in the Asylum system, disabled, or Travellers.  If you are used to protests where the speeches are mostly from politicans telling you what you already know this wasn't one of them.

It's well worth taking the time to listen to each of the speakers in turn before reaching the rousing conclusion of Mary Coughlan leading the singing of a modified version of Trasna na dTonnta.

Louise Bruton of Legless in Dublin speaks at March for Choice 2016

"Today I am marching because I want to know I am in safe hands if I ever get pregnant ..  I am afraid of getting pregnant because I am afraid of what my body can and can't handle."
The first speaker at the 2016 March for Choice was freelance journalist Louise Bruton of the Legless in Dublin blog who writes about disability rights (and pop music).


Sam Blanckensee of Transgender Equality Network Ireland at March for Choice 2016

Non-binary trans activist Sam Blanckensee of the Transgender Equality Network Ireland talked at the March for Choice about how pro-choice issues and trans issues are connected in the fight for bodily autonomy and having the right to make decisions about your own body.


Linda Kavanagh speaks on the Rise & Repeal theme of the 2016 March for Choice

Linda Kavanagh of the Abortion Rights Campaign speaking from the stage at the end of the 2016 March for Choice on the Rise & Repeal 1916 theme of the march.

Philomena Canning Midwives for Choice at March for Choice 2016

"It is no coincidence that Irelands abortion laws are the most strict in Ireland while our maternity services are among the most medicalised, linking the two as a scaffolidng is the 8th amendment"


Ellie Kisyombe Movement of Asylum Seekers in Ireland at March for Choice

Ellie Kisyombe, from the Movement of Asylum Seekers in Ireland, spoke at the March for Choice of the particular difficulties people in the asylum system face. Ellie has been in the Asylum process herself for 6 years and spoke out against the Direct Provision system that traps Asylum Seekers in an extreme poverty (they receive 19.10 a week) that would make travel to the UK to access abortion almost impossible even if they could obtain travel documents.

Rosaleen McDonagh Traveller and Disability Rights Activist at March for Choice


Rosaleen McDonagh Traveller and Disability Rights Activist spoke at the 2016 March for Choice. Rosaleen is regarded as a leading feminist within the Traveller community

Goretti Hogan on northern abortion prosecutions at March for Choice

Goretti Hogan speaking at March for Choice 2016 about the prosecutions of women in the north who have taken or provided abortion pills and the organising around that


Mary Coughlan sings Trasna na dTonnta at March for Choice 

Mary Coughlan led the singing of a new version of Trasna na dTonnta at the March for Choice 2016 this time about women crossing the waves to the east because they can't access abortion at home.

Video: Andrew Flood (Follow Andrew on Twitter