This is the story Denis O'Brien is trying to kill


The saga of Denis O'Brien trying to stop the media reporting on his relationship with IBRC continues this evening. A short while ago a story reporting on what was said about the deal in the Dáil today vanished from the Irish Times website. Our picture is the screen grab of that story.

The headline items appears to be TD Catherine Murphy's revelation that somehow O'Brien had managed to only pay 1.25% interest on the 500 million he owed (in effect to us) rather than what you might expect the market rate of around 7.5%. That's a saving to him and a loss to us of 31 million.

The strange & scary thing about all this is that anything said under Dáil privilege is meant to be safe from libel action. So what scared the Irish Times into being too frightened to keep online their report on what was said in the Dáil today? 

WORDS: Andrew Flood (Follow Andrew on Twitter )