Students! Our education is under attack!


Every year the so called “free education” that is our right, costs us more and more. If the proposed rise in registration fees goes ahead , it will mean many currently enrolled in college will have to drop out and college will simply not be an option for many of the next generation of potential students. All because the politicians are attempting to make the public pay for the mistakes of a small class of wealthy individuals. Many of us are up to our necks in debt, many more live in poverty. Due to the economic downturn, the job prospects when we graduate are poor and those of us lucky enough to find work will be taxed heavily to pay the banks’ and speculators’ debts.

We have to fight to defend our education and stop the increases in backdoor fees, but we cannot win alone. We have friends and allies if we only reach out to them and make common cause.The wages of workers across the country are being slashed. Welfare payments to the jobless, disabled and pensioners are being cut. Health and education spending is being slashed. Billions are being borrowed and shovelled into the banking black-hole to protect the super rich.

We have to show that we will NOT take any attacks on our education and welfare lying down, and that we are willing to support those other groups in society fighting for their rights. In France the student movement have seized the initiative and are allying themselves with others under attack. If Irish students do the same then we have a chance to stop the sellout of our future and create a society we can be proud of.United we can defeat this government and make the rich pay for their own mistakes!

From a leaflet issued by Workers Solidarity Movement