Cork: The Threepenny Kino: GasLand (2010) 107 mins. Dir. Josh Fox  Wed. May 8th 9pm @solidaritybooks


Join us in Solidarity Books on Wed. May 8th 9pm for a showing of GasLand (2010) 107 mins. Dir. Josh Fox 

Film description follows :


"Gasland is a 2010 documentary by filmmaker Josh Fox. When gas companies came knocking on Josh's door in his home state of Pennsylvania looking to lease his land for shale gas exploitation, Josh decided to investigate further. He traveled across the US, to communities where shale gas drilling, aka fracking, is taking place. The testimonies from people reveal a highly polluting, secretive industry that has devastated people's drinking water, land, and air, and their health.

In Ireland, two companies are seeking to explore for and extract shale gas, Tamboran Resources in the Northwest, and Enegi Oil in Co. Clare. These areas are currently under options licences, and the two companies have now applied for exploration licences. The government has sought to reassure concerned citizens by stating that no fracking will take place until the Environmental Protection Agency has completed its study, probably not til at least 2014. However, despite many petitions from citizens, the EPA is not including health impacts in its study. If it is found that the host of environmental problems associated with fracking can be 'regulated', it could be given the green light.

While the communities currently under licence are relatively isolated, together they form the Shannon River Basin. The Shannon provides drinking water for a wider area and would become contaminated should fracking take place. There are also shale gas deposits in more extended areas of Ireland than are currently under licence, parts of North Cork included. This is a national issue.

In Gasland, communities impacted by fracking send out a clear message: fracking has devastated our health and our communities; don't allow it to happen to you.

All welcome, entry is Free and donations are appreciated. As always, books, t-shirts, badges or Zapatista coffee can all be purchased on the night.


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