Today we mobilise - Belfast Rally for Choice


We have mobilised for and will be covering the Belfast Rally for Choice today via on Facebook and Twitter accounts. Below is a last minute message from the organisers.

Today we march, and today they march.

For the first time on this island there will be mass mobilisations of the pro choice movement and the anti choice movement.

We know what the polls say, we're the silent majority. Most people are pro-choice, the vast majority of us don't want women to be criminalised for having an abortion.

But polls don't scare governments. The government looks at a poll and laughs at us. They laugh because they know if we want them to do anything we have to command it - who's attention are we grabbing with a poll? Our own, and we we're not the ones who need to see it.

But when we go out on the street that's when we start to grab attention.

Can we compete with Precious Life though? Those who are knee deep in American money, who have sponsorship every week from the church - cis men who will never be pregnant preaching about what women should do with our bodies. The parishes who these men preach in also put on busses, so that they can fill our streets with people who have fell for their lies.

Tomorrow we counter this. Tomorrow we bring the anti-choice movement to its knees.

Make sure you are there because we sure as hell cannot do it without you.

Buoy Park (the grounds of the art college) at 1 o'clock tomorrow.
Not the church, not the state! Women must decide their fate!

(message from the Rally for Choice organisers)

Rally for Choice will gather at Buoy Park at 1pm, marching off at 1:30. Bring placards, friends, and your voice for choice.
After the Rally there will be The After Party - Rally for Choice at Lúnasanasa and Réalta Civic and Social Space.

Buses are leaving Parnell square in Dublin at 10am, outside the Hugh Lane, 10 euro return