A trip into the anti-choice mind


You'd be hard pressed to find an issue riddled with as many lies, myths, inaccuracies etc. as abortion particularly in Ireland. You'd also be hard pressed to find a more ridiculous poster as that which some members of the anti-choice brigade have produced in the run up to referendum.

If this, ahem, interesting piece of art hurts your eyes to look at we'll break it down for you here.

The top right section has an image of what would appear to be a protest with the words 'shame you kiddie killer' written on placards by all the very real stick figures who comprise the 0.125 billion people in the USA and UK who think yes voters are mass murderers, a figure that sources suggest the artist picked out of his arse.

Inexplicably, underneath this there is an arrow pointing up to this box and the one adjacent it which will be covered at the end of this post, that says 'Biggest difference in world political history.' Our crack team of experts are at a loss with this one, resigning ourselves to thinking that this level of genius far surpasses ours.

Below this, the artist has drawn a picture of Lord Immanuel Jakobovitz, who was famously against abortion, not to mention he hated the aul queers as well, and is also pictured in our comments section with his close pal Milk Snatcher Thatcher who was a true champion of Jakobovitz's version of life. Next to his picture the poster reads 'Highest rank Jewish rabbi ever: Holocaust of the Jews and killing before birth are comparable.' Forget that the Nazis were anti-choice extremists who forbid abortion for Aryan women and forced sterilisation on any women who wasn't Aryan that they could get their hands on, Jakobovitz, who loved everyone's life (unless they were poor, queer, or just seeking medical treatment) obviously is a moral authority here.

Below this we have what appears to be an image of some sort of Lenin-Trump hyrbid although it is introduced to us as Lenin. The former Soviet leader (or according to this artist, the leader of Hitler's Socialist Workers Party) who died almost 100 years ago in 1924, is rumoured here to be the first ever yes-voter for the upcoming referendum. The rest of this section seems to be written in some sort of code that cannot be deciphered by our inferior brains.

At the bottom of the page we finally reach Godwin's Law; the law that states that as an internet discussion (or in this case, poster) grows longer the probability of Hitler coming into the conversation increases. This section reads: 'I'm most famous yes-voter:
-My first social law:
The Holocaust: 100% killing children.
Killing Grown-Ups: Gives no Genocide.'
Again, this seems to contain some sort of code. We think this inspired artist is yet again claiming that the extremely anti-choice Nazis were indeed pro-choice and in someway voted yes in the referendum, not to mention calling all those who wish to repeal the 8th Nazis.

The top left section of the poster has a completely scientific (much like the rest of their logic) image of the sun smiling down on a pink box that says 'When you vote no nobody says you're a murderer. Best of all you'll never think: you're a murderer.' It's actually quite difficult to keep up the sarcastic tone of this post in commenting on this section considering the very real women, particularly migrant women who have died as a result of the 8th.

This 'Catholic country' has blood on its hands. This kind of hysteria, wrapped in dirty lies is what we are up against, don't let it fool you. Counter the lies, watch out for their dirty tricks, and vote yes to #repealthe8th

A leaflet from what may be the same source also appeared during the Marrage equality referendum