Vita Cortex Workers continue occupation


Workers are continuing their occupation of the Vita Cortex plant in Cork city today.  The workers began their sit in on Friday, the day the doors were due to close.  The workers are protesting over the non-payment of redundancy monies due.  With over 800 years service between them there is an outstanding entitlement to €1.2m in redundancy payments.  The reason given for the non-payment is a stand off between the company and NAMA.  The money is in accounts of a sister firm frozen by NAMA.

There is widespread support from people in Cork city for the workers, many of whom have over 40 years service. The local media and many politicians have publicly backed the workers and called for resolution in their favour. Despite this, the laws of the state enacted and upheld by these politicians are what favour capital over labour every time.

The monies held by the sister firm along with industrial properties in Cork, Belfast and Dublin are pledged as security against a €10 million loan from AIB taken by Tipperary businessman Jack Ronan to buy the whole operation 5 years ago. This loan has been transfered to NAMA who claim they cannot legally pay the redundancies as other creditors have preference.

This direct action deserving of support of every worker in Cork city and beyond. Where they find themselves now, we could well find ourselves tomorrow. Solidarity is strength.