Cork: Workshop: Homemade Sounds: Sound, instrument building and improv - this Saturday in Solidarity Books Cork


This Saturday May 4th at 3pm, Solidarity Books will be proud to host a free workshop for folk of all ages – children, musicians, educators and other humans – on making musical instruments from recycled materials, understanding sound, tools and improvisation practices AND a live performance at 5pm...

Facilitated by Alberto Piccinni -


Alberto Piccinni aka ibn kalb was born in Capo di Leuca (Italy). Nowadays he works on different cooperation projects acting as educator, musician, sound curator or project manager."Art, music and social tasks are connected in the same ethical and aesthetical centanty that let him working on different contexts all over the world (France, Portugal, Saharawi Refugee Camps, Argentina, Egypt, Germany, Spain, Ireland as well as Italy). He graduated at Bologna University. Starting as guitarist, he uses many not conventional instruments built by waste materials realizing sounds, performances, workshops, shows interacting also with visual art, theatre, cinema. The research on extemporaneous language, on teaching strategies and on using homemade instruments (often built straight during performance) makes his music changeable and his works unpredictable.

Costs nothing, entry is free - donations as always are appreciated, with interest...

see you there,


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Note to Editor:- Solidarity Books is organised by the Workers Solidarity Movement (WSM). The WSM is an Irish anarchist 
organisation with branches in Dublin, Cork, Galway and Belfast and members in several other places around the country.
 For more information about the WSM visit our website