You Might Be An Anarchist If ...


Lots of people think anarchism is a far-out thing, but really most of it is just common sense and there are surely far more anarchists out there than consciously identify as such. Read this (non-exhaustive) check list and see what you think.

You Might Be An Anarchist If ...

You think:
1. This economic system is stupid and unfair, and is destroying the Earth's ecosystems.
2. There's enough to go around for everyone if we organise our resources humanely and intelligently.
3. People should be free to do what they want as long as it doesn't hurt anyone.
4. Power corrupts and should be spread out as much as possible.
5. People are first and foremost shaped by their environment (not 'human nature').
6. No one should be discriminated against for their race, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, age, ability, or other morally irrelevant attributes.
7. Our society should be based primarily on co-operation rather than competition.
8. What matters is right and wrong, not legal and illegal.
9. The police, courts, and prisons, are really there to protect the interests of the elite.
10. Elections are a charade. Meaningful change comes from grassroots social movements, not politicians in parliament.
11. Real democracy is from the bottom-up, not top-down, where people have a frequent say in proportion to how it affects them.
12. National borders are imaginary lines that harmfully divide Earth's inhabitants.
13. The mainstream media generally can't be trusted because it represents the state, corporations, and other dominant groups.
14. Our society lacks real community and should be more community-based.
15. What people own should be related to what they actually use (no owning apartment blocks).
16. Society's problems can't be solved by reforming the system, we need a fundamentally different society.
17. We don't need bosses at work, the employees can run things themselves.
18. People shouldn't be working such long hours in this technological age.
19. Things like race and gender are actually made-up by society.

If these points sound good to you, you're more than likely an anarchist. Congratulations: you are part of a centuries-old libertarian tradition of people who have refused to accept the brutality and boredom of the present society and recognise that a better, freer, more compassionate, world is possible

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