Anarchism and the WSM

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Although the period in the run up to Christmas is generally a quiet one for political activity, WSM members were busy in their unions organising for the national public sector strike of November 24th last, and there are extensive reports of our members’ experiences that day at We were also involved in the budget day protests outside the Dáil on December 9th. While the initial battle may have been lost, we realise that the resistance to attacks on working conditions, both in the private and public sectors, and to attacks on public services will be a long one.
To this end, we held a national training day for our newer members in union organising and campaigning in December. To round off the year, this was followed later that evening with approximately 150 members and supporters attending our 25th anniversary celebration in Dublin’s Central Hotel.

Meanwhile the WSM Cork branch has opened an office and bookshop at 43 Douglas Street. It’s the place to go to in Cork for your socialist and anarchists books; open from 11-6, Monday to Saturday. Evenings often see film shows and public discussions, you can keep up to date with coming events at their Facebook page (Solidarity-Books).

2010 will present many challenges for anarchists in Ireland as the economic situation continues to deteriorate. Many people are now looking for an alternative to the status quo and we will be hoping to spread the anarchist message to as many as possible. If you are interested in finding out more, we would be delighted to hear from you!