Anarchists Reach Highest Mountain in Ireland! 'Red and Black' raised on Carrantuohill Mountain for Solidarity Books, Cork


Red and Black at the SummitAnarchists, along with the Rebel Hill Walkers and lots of supporters, climbed Carrantuohill in Kerry on Sunday as part of a fundraiser for Solidarity Books in Cork. Guided by the esteemed and experienced James McBarron, the large group set off shortly after 11 am. A number had to turn back for health reasons, but the majority headed on to establish ‘base camp’ under the summit at around 3.30 pm – delays and picnics were the order of the day – ahead of the final assault on the peak.



Not for the faint-hearted – despite claims otherwise – everyone made it up to the top in fine fettle just after 4 pm. In a spirit of tolerance no one took an angle grinder to the rusting Cross which some vandals had placed on the peak a number of years back. Instead, after settling for a group photo, we sat about and enjoyed the fine views in all directions. Kenmare Bay, Slea Head and the Shannon Estuary were among the landmarks that were visible. Some Cork people even pointed out that they could see Cork. Unbelievable.

James - Safe HandsTwo dogs – Patch and Zuzi (mother and daughter) – also made it to the summit.

The decent was equally trying and not helped by the onset of rain. Everyone finally made it back to set off point by 7 pm. A great day was had. Another blow for the revolution was struck and, of course, many thanks to James for looking after the logistics and doing all the worrying and orienteering.

Solidarity Books is also the better for the day’s outing.

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Carrantuohill Ahead