Anti-Deportation Protest


Let Great's family stay!
11.30 am, Tuesday 14 August
Garda National Immigration Bureau, Burgh Quay, Dublin (opposite Liberty Hall)
If anyone is available,tyr and make it down to this--

Great Agbonlahor is a 6-year-old autistic boy threatened with deportation - along with his twin sister Melissa and his mother Olivia - to Nigeria, where he will have no chance of receiving the treatment he needs. The family have now been brought from Killarney to Balseskin House hostel in Finglas, where Olivia has received unwelcome visits from Gardai hassling her.

The family have been told to report to the Garda National Immigration Bureau on Tuesday 14 August, and to bring their luggage with them. There is a very real chance that this is when the attempt will be made to deport the family. The last protest attracted a good crowd and wide publicity, but we need more this time to force Brian Lenihan to cancel the deportation order.