Anti-War protest


Protest Against HMS Ocean warship in Dublin Port

Assemble at: 18.00 at the Famine Memorial - Financial Services CentreNO WELCOME FOR WARSHIP IN IRELAND

Assemble at 6:00pm at the Famine Memorial, Irish Financial Services Centre, and march to the war ship.

The Irish Anti-War Movement will be holding a major protest to oppose the visit of the ship. HMS Ocean is the largest warship in the British Royal Navy and played a leading role in the US/UK led invasion of Iraq.

After the HMS Ark Royal, HMS Ocean was the second Royal Navy war ship to be deployed to Iraq in 2003 to participate in the invasion.

The decision to facilitate the war-ship along with the continuing use of Shannon by the US military is clear evidence that the Irish government is consciously providing support to US/UK led military aggression in Iraq.