Belfast Anarchist Black Cross Statement of Principles


The following is a brief statement of principles for Belfast Anarchist Black Cross, a prisoner support group founded earlier this year.We in Belfast Anarchist Black Cross recognise that prisons are an integral part of the class system and vital to the survival of capitalism and the preservation of wealth and privilege. Prisons can only be abolished as part of the social and political revolution that destroys capitalism the state. Although we welcome changes in the prison system which make it easier for our comrades on the inside, we know that prison system cannot be reformed out of existence. Prisons kill, rates of prison suicide are staggering and are directly related to neglect which translates into torture and the north's prisons are no exception.

We aim to encourage prisoners and their families in Maghaberry, Magilligan and Hydebank to contact us in efforts to expose day to day abuses in the system which all to often go ignored, and provide practical support and solidarity to anarchist and class struggle prisoners, including Harold H Thompson. Something simple as writing a letter to Harold and other anarchist prisoners goes along way to break down this isolation and build solidarity.

" Any political movement or peoples struggle, which fails to provide support to fallen comrades is doomed to failure as certain as day follows night. Prisoner support should be considered as a top priority within all political movements and with all activists, as we, you or I never know when gulag gates will slam shut behind us or when those gates to the outside will open again to allow our passage back out once the system has us in it's grasp." (Harold Thompson)

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