Belfast Anarchist Day 'School'


Belfast WSM presents its first day 'school' open to members and non-members alike, with talks ranging from the history of anarchism in Ireland to how we should respond to the recession.....

12-1pm- The history of Anarchism in Ireland.

Irish anarchism has no historical tradition, as a movement it is only coming into existence in recent decades. We do not yet enjoy the popular understanding of and respect for anarchist ideas that can be found among thousands of militants in countries like Sweden, Spain, France, Italy or Korea. But that is not to say that we have no history at all or a vision. We are beginning to uncover forgotten events...

1.30-2.30pm- Cutbacks? Fight For A Real Alternative

Speakers will present a brief overview of the current crisis in capitalism and the basis of anarchist-communist economics through a series of slides.
How do we resist the current wave of job-cuts and attacks on our standard of living in the midst of a global recession?
What type of society do we want?

3-4.30pm- Anarchism in America and the election of Barack Obama

In 2008 Andrew Flood spent 16 weeks speaking in 44 North American cities from Miami to Montreal to Eugene to LA. While on tour he had private discussions on organising with hundreds of local anarchists and carried out audio interviews in 17 of the cities visited. Based on these experiences and conversations he presents an audio-visual talk on the anarchist movement in North America and the new organizations that are currently emerging. The talk will also look at the general conditions face by workers in North America and some of the movements that exist in response to these conditions.

Davy Carlin will also be giving a talk on 'Can new US president Obama deliver real change'?
What do anarchists mean by 'change'?

When: Saturday, 21st Febuary 12pm-5pm

Where: 185 Upper Donegall Street, Belfast city centre. BT1 2FJ
(opposite the Front Page and above Paul's Cafe)
(Look out for posters directing you to the venue on the first floor of the building)

Phone: 07928479308

All Welcome