Belfast: Class struggle in Latin America & Anarchism


Anarchist guest speaker José Antonio Gutiérrez and native of Chile, will present a brief overview of the current anarchist movement in L. America, the left, its challenges and vision as well as what lessons we can learn here from current struggles such as the campaign against water charges and privatisation. Plus ‘Our Oil and other tales’ an award winning film that Chavez tried to ban!

Anarchism is about building a society with maximum freedom and maximum equality, where we as working class people run our communities and workplaces’ for our benefit.
Anarchist ideas link a vision of a new society with the practical methods of getting there - through direct action and solidarity.
All very welcome!

When: 2pm, Saturday 16th August
Where: An Culturlann, 216 Falls Rd, West Belfast

Contact Belfast WSM: 07928479308

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