Belfast: The future of trade unionism

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Politics without parties - The future of trade unionism

When: 7pm to 10pm, Thursday, 3 April
Where: Ulster People's College,
1 Lower Crescent, Belfast
(just a short walk from the ADM venue)

Speakers include:

Donnacha DeLong, NEC New Media rep

Jason Brannigan, Organise!

Chekov Feeney, Workers Solidarity Movement

Who was Rudolf Rocker and what was his impact on trade unionism in the UK? What is anarcho-syndicalism and what does anarchism have to do with trade unionism in the workplace? How does the media cover anarchism?

Come along to the ADM fringe meeting, organised in association with Organise! and Workers Solidarity Movement, marking the fiftieth anniversary of Rudolf Rocker's death in 1958 and join the discussion about these issues and more.