Belfast: Iran and the threat of war


A public meeting in Room 3.03
The Peter Frogget Centre
Queen's University Belfast

7.30pm, Thursday April 10th 2008As the 5th anniversary of the invasion of Iraq came and went the
threat of even wider imperialist war still looms over the Mid East.
Israel has turned the Gaza strip into the largest prison in the world
as it besieges and attacks the Palestinians. Under the brutal US and
British occupation Iraq has been divided along sectarian lines and
bled dry of its oil wealth. The US government continues to threaten
attacks on Iran.

It often appears that the only opposition being offered to the
imperialist offensive comes from Islamic militants or from states
like Iran where the Ayatollahs are in control of the government. That
is not the case. There are constant reports of a hidden history, a
hidden struggle, especially sharply fought in Iran. That is the
struggle of the working class.

There is a rich history of working class struggle in this region.
Today it is workers movements that are leading the struggle against
dictatorship and religious extremism. This is being witnessed by the
opposition of workers to the rule of the Ayatollahs in Iran and the
wave of strikes against the neo-liberal polices of the Egyptian

In his presentation Torab Saleth will look at the nature of the
Iranian regime and its relationship with the United States. He will
describe the history of the current conflict and go behind the
current media speculation to explain what is really going on in the
Middle East.

Torab Saleth

Torab Saleth was a leading militant in the movement that led the
Iranian revolution and forced the Shah out. Now exiled by the
Ayatollahs, he leads a movement in solidarity with a vibrant Iranian
workers movement suffering savage repression. Torab will be calling
for solidarity with the one movement that can successfully oppose the
war and bring democracy, justice and socialism to the region.


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