Belfast march in support of classroom assistants


Wednesday September 26th, 2007

To mark the first day of sustained industrial action. classroom assistants - who are members of the Northern Ireland Public Service Aliance - are holding a march and Rally in Belfast.

12.30 assemble Writers Square, Donegall Street (facing St Anne's cathedral)
1.00 March to Custom House Square
1.30 Rally

After many years of management stalling, Classroom Assistants have voted overwhelmingly for industrial action in the fight for against a pay cut and for fairer job evaluation.

Support from other Trade Unionists, parents & members of the public would be very much appreciated.CLASSROOM ASSISTANTS VOTE FOR STRIKE ACTION

Classroom Assistants have voted a resounding YES in a statutory ballot for strike action with over 93% of Classroom Assistants voting in favour.

NIPSA said that the Boards and the Minister were told at the beginning of the summer holiday period that unless a vastly improved offer was made Classroom Assistants would be on strike in the new school term. No improved offer has been forthcoming and therefore Classroom Assistants have been left with no alternative.

1. There are approximately 7,000 Classroom Assistants employed by the Education & Library Boards.

2. The main issues in the dispute are:-

a. The Boards insistence of using a 36 hourly pay divisor rather than the current 32 1?2 hour pay divisor. This would lead to an overall reduction in the hourly rate of pay.

b. The removal of the Special Needs Allowance (currently £1,107 pa.)

c. The refusal to recognise NVQIII for job evaluation purposes yet in the majority of cases use it for recruitment purposes.

d. Inferior pay protection arrangements compared to other Education & Library Board staff.