Belfast: Picket Subway - Day of Action

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"Campaign in Defence of Sacked pregnant Subway Worker

Natalia Szymanska, a 19 year old polish woman, was sacked from Subway Belfast during her fifth month of pregancy on a dubious charge of being in breach of the company's health and safety policy.

Despiet repeated attempts by the Trades Council to engage with this employer to resolve the issue the employer remains intransigent.

The Trades Council have now called for:

A Day of Solidarity Action
Saturday 4th April
12 - 2pm

Protest @:

Belfast: 8 Callender Street
141 Lisburn road
6 - 8 Great Victoria Street

Dublin: 47 Nassau Street

Brighton: 109 Queens Road
146 North Street
65 Western Road
26 London Road

Other events are being organised in Galway, Derry, Cork, Liverpool, Glasgow and London for more info on these events please contact:

Leaflets and Posters for this event can be downloaded

Don't support the mistreatment of workers
It could be you next!

Online petition

For more information on the dispute and to see Subway's reasons for Sacking Natalia
Click Here

Info at:"