Belfast: Public gathering on racist attacks‏


You will have seen the brutal attacks and subsequent forced removal of ethnic minorities from their homes in the South Belfast area.
The solidarity and support and more given to these citizens {despite recent attacks by some in the media} were essential in their time of need. Yet they where still forced to move - and now also seeing the more recent attack in East Belfast.

As chair of the Anti Racism Network during the height of the last such visible and large scale attacks {2003-2004} you are invited to a meeting in the Belfast Unemployed Resource Centre (Lower Donegall Street) in Belfast, next Wednesday 24th at 7pm

A number of people have contacted me {including those from the minority ethnic community} - and others have raised the question of what can we do given this onslaught, and have confirmed their attendance {as have others from other Networks} - to this essential meeting.

Friends, with a campaign in South Belfast and now an attack in East Belfast we believe it is time to once again come together seeking a Belfast wide approach to this brutality as was the case in 2003 – 2004.

Suggestions from some contacting range from providing additional practical support in other parts of Belfast through to the calling for mobilisations and rallies.

For my own thoughts, this meeting can once again be a beginning collectively of a co- ordinate anti racism stand across Belfast and I would urge those who have stood firm against such brutality over the years to attend, support and circulate this call.

The meeting I suggest should be open democratic and if any structure agreed to be fully accountable.

Friends, in 2003 - 2004 we have stood many times shoulder to shoulder against such attacks within, and around our city. It is time once again to show all, that these brutal racist attacks and the subsequence tarring of our city by a minority will not go without a stand.

As always in Solidarity

Davy Carlin
Michael Reinsborough

From the Anti Racism Network