Building the Anarchist Alternative


All welcomeSick of lying politicians, greedy landlords and high prices and the blight of sectarianism, constantly being told tighten our belts while the rich get richer? The war maybe over, but there has been no ceasefire in the class war against us in the so-called ‘new era’ though forthcoming water charges, cut-backs and ‘privatisation’ of our public services...

Anarchism is about building a society with maximum freedom and maximum equality.
Anarchist ideas link a vision of a new society with the practical methods of getting there - through direct action and solidarity.
Come along to the talk and what we can do to improve our workplaces and communities. All very welcome!

When: 2pm, Saturday 24th May
Where: 185 Donegall Street, Belfast city centre. BT1 2FJ
(beside Irish News offices and opposite Front Page)

Speakers from the WSM plus film showing ‘Sacco & Vanzetti’

Contact Belfast WSM: 07928479308