Cork: Mayday March


Mayday each year is a time for workers to celebrate our history and a time to recharge our batteries for the difficult task at hand - overthrowing capitalism and achieving emancipation for our class!Around the world workers will take to the streets and in Cork we'll be doing the same.

This years Mayday march in Cork will assemble at Lapps Quay (opposite City Hall) at 7pm on Friday 1st May, moving around to Patrick St. and ending with a rally and an evening of music and dance at Daunt Square.

As well as this there's going to be an evening of music and more at An Spailpin Fanach (upstairs) on South Main Street. Start time for this is 9 o'clock.

The Workers Solidarity Movement will again form part of the march and we're encouraging everyone to come along and join us. This year, as attacks on jobs, working conditions and social services intensify, it's more important than ever to show our strength and solidarity and marching on Mayday is a great opportunity to do just that.

Bring music, colour and plenty friends. See you there!