Cork: Public Meeting - Waterford Crystal Workers Speak Out!


Public meeting in support and solidarity with the Waterford Crystal workers in occupation of their place of work in defiance of the receivers' plans.

Meeting happening at 8 p.m., Monday 9th February, Victoria Hotel, Cork. Workers from the ongoing occupation of the Waterford Crystal factory and visitor centre in Kilbarry, Waterford will come to Cork to speak out against their treatment from the receivers Deloitte and Touche. They will also talk about the threats to workers’ pensions and agreed phased redundancy payments, and the fears they have for the future of their jobs after they were sacked by the receivers on last Friday, 30th January.

All workers in Ireland today whether in the public or private sector are facing real threats to their jobs from the IBEC/government response to the ‘economic crisis’. This crisis has been inflicted on Ireland and the world due to the collapsing banking system. There is also an attack happening on workplace rights, wages and conditions happening while thousands of workers are being sacked each week. Meanwhile, billions of euro are handed over to the same banks and bankers who caused the crisis in the first place. Ordinary workers stand to lose all as the bankers and developers are forgiven their debts and crimes.

The betrayed workers of Waterford Crystal are among the first of Irish capitalism’s victims this time round to stand up to the cheating bosses and their sinister plans. They are receiving strong support from their fellow-citizens in Waterford but they will need solidarity and support from workers further afield. Where they stand now, thousands more will out of necessity be doing the same in the weeks and months to come.

This public meeting aims to provide a platform for the Waterford Crystal workers to tell their story so far, and to appeal for solidarity and support from Cork workers. They are guaranteed to meet with a warm and interested welcome.