Demonstration - Terence Wheelock Campaign

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Terence Wheelock Protest saturday 16th of september 06 at 2:30 pm Sean Mcdermot st churchSeptember 16 is the first anniversary of the death of Terence Wheelock. Terence died after spending 3 months in intensive care at the Mater Hospital, finally succumbing to injuries he received while in custody at Store St. Garda Satation.

The big questions which surround this case have yet to be answered. Rather than come clean on what happened to Terence while in custody the guards have chosen to ignore all enquiries and harrass the Wheelock family.

The Wheelock familty are organising a protest for Saturday Sept. 16, 2.30pm at Sean McDermott St. church to mark the date of Terence's death and to continue to push for answers to the many questions which surround this case.