Dublin: Act for Justice - Financial Fools Day!


Call to Action from Bloom: Movement for Global Justice and the Seomra Spraoi Collective
Act for Justice on Wednesday, April 1st at 1pm - It's Financial Fools Day!

The government and banks have taken our money, now let's demand it back! Now that they have taken our money, they must serve the people's interests and work for us. Join us the day before the G20 meets in London at 1pm at the Bank of Ireland on College Green, for a 'Financial Fools Day' action for local and global justice. Let's turn our frustration and anger about our unequal world into loud, positive action for local and global justice. The current economic and financial system is unsustainable and hurts the most vulnerable people in Ireland and in the impoverished world. This situation must change... and change is possible!

People in Ireland are understandably angry about the economic mess we are in and the intense injustice being experienced by others in our wider world. In Ireland and across the enriched world, the banks have given billions of taxpayer's money for their greedy risk-taking mistakes, whilst ordinary people are experiencing job losses, wage cuts, a pension levy, a shrinking health service, and cutbacks in education, transport and other public services.

The poorest people on the planet have been bearing the worst impacts of crises for generations. This financial crisis will hit them hardest due to losses in badly needed revenue. The policies and behaviour of rich governments, financial institutions and multinational corporations have systematically undermined the possibilities of people of the Global South to live a decent life. These polices have undermined their economies for the benefit of the rich and are also at the heart of the cause of the current financial crisis. Countries of the Global South are also worst affected by the climate crisis, despite being least responsible for causing it.

Enough is enough, this can't go on. We must insist on an alternative approach.

Make your voice of protest heard and stand up for change on April 1st - It's Financial Fools Day!

Come to the Bank of Ireland on College Green, at 1pm and visit the banks with us. Learn about the financial crisis and make your voice heard about the state of the global economy. Put your complaints into our complaint box for the banks. Set up your own soap box outside the bank. Dress up as a financial fool. Speak to the bank manager about what they have done. Show the government and banks how foolish you think they are. Tell them that we want a just economic and financial system for our country and for the wider world, which puts the interests of the many, not the few, first!

This event is organised by Bloom: Movement for Global Justice (Africa Centre, Comhlámh, Debt and Development Coalition Ireland, Latin America Solidarity Centre) and the Seomra Spraoi Collective. For more information contact: DDCI at 01 6174835 or Comhlámh at 01 4783490