Dublin: anti-NAMA protest at Dail


TUF unions to hold protest outside Leinster House over NAMA plan to bail out banks on backs of workersThe Trade Union Federation, which links SIPTU and the Technical Engineering and Electrical Union, is organising a joint protest outside Leinster House next Wednesday at 1pm.

The purpose of the protest is to highlight the contrast in Government policy between the NAMA plan socialising the debts recklessly accumulated by the banks at the expense of the taxpayer, while simultaneously allowing PAYE workers to be subjected to horrendous pay cuts and dismissals in a number of disputes around the country.

In a joint statement TEEU General Secretary Designate Eamon Devoy and SIPTU General President Jack O’Connor said, “The Government is taking an incredible gamble with the Irish taxpayers’ resources at the same time as they are looking the other way while PAYE workers in Coca Cola, Marine Terminals, Green Isle Foods, Mr Binman and the Manor Nursing Home are being bludgeoned into the ground by employers who haven’t even the decency to participate in Labour Court investigations of the issues in dispute.

“The debts recklessly incurred by greedy bankers are being shifted onto the shoulders of the taxpayers while PAYE workers are being thrown to the wolves by the Government.”

The Protest will take place at the Kildare Street entrance to Leinster House from 1pm to 3pm on Wednesday, September 16th.